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The Threesixty Theatre

The threesixty theatre

With our new theatre pavilion we've created a very special theatrical space.

We have created an outdoor theatre venue that creates a dynamic theatrical experience and provides unique audience facilities. With over 1480 tiered seats, the circular space is designed to heighten the buzz created by an eager audience awaiting the opening scene. The auditorium has unimpeded views for all with no one more than a few rows from the stage, making this an intimate theatrical experience.

Drama, atmosphere, comfort, optimum leg room, excellent acoustics and charming outdoor spaces for relaxing prior to the show have been the key themes during the design process. The imposing external structure suspending the auditorium not only creates a 360 degree view not obstructed by traditional tent poles, but also helps create a striking temporary landmark over 100 feet high. We hope that our tents will be visible from afar, drawing audiences towards the magic.

While our experience in theatre outdoors has reinforced our belief in how wonderful a great show on a beautiful summer evening can be, it has also meant that we have designed our venue with the English summer in mind. Ours is a weather proof outdoor event.

The roof of the tent is called the Cupola. The Cupola holds ten tons of equipment including lights sound and air conditioning and takes a day to build before the main tent goes up.

We have used an external frame for the tent. This allows us to fly without worrying about poles inside. It is also essential for the 360 degree projections. Each pole is 35 metres long.